Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I am fulfilling a promise today. A promise I made three months ago to one Ms. Libbie Thomas. Libbie, tada, here is my blog. I really have nothing too important to say, but what Libbie asks, Libbie gets. And since Libbie now lives in Virginia and is far away from me, I will pretty much do whatever she asks of me. (don't abuse this Libbie). I have ten minutes before my six o'clock class starts. I figure this is the only way I know how to write.. with a deadline. Those of you who lived with me/talked to me in college know that this is the only way I roll. Paper due at 8? I will most likely begin brainstorming around midnight. Class starts at 6? First blog post around 5:45.

Life is different these days. I am currently writing this from the Audio/Video Lab at the Memphis Speech and Hearing Center... my new home away from home. As a GA it is my job to edit videos of therapy. Did I interview for this job you ask? No. Am I savvy with electronics? Nope. Did someone randomly place me here? Yep.

What am I learning these days? A lot about speech pathology. A lot about the larynx. And, of course, a lot of audiology. But I am really learning the most about coping with change. The one guy in my class of 27, Eric, told me yesterday that he thinks I might have a problem with change. Eric was right. And he barely knows me. I have some special people who have also brought this to my attention and spoken truth into my life. Truth is, I very much miss my old life and the comfort of Starkville. I miss people that already know me and allow me to be my truest self (even when I am TERRRRRIBLE) I keep having to remind myself that "change is hard, BUT change is good." If nothing changes... we don't grow. And I need growth... and a lot of it.

Class starts in 4 minutes. Man, I'm good.
I broke the shredder.